Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fishing Magic - The TEXAS Coast

A few days ago, I received the book "Fishing Magic: The Texas Coast" written by author Roland Carroll. 

I sincerely enjoyed this book, from cover to cover.  As I read, the author guides you through the Texas coast mostly salt water fishing in a very unique and different way from any other fishing book, I have ever read.  Texas offers some of the best fishing any state could offer. The coast line runs from the edge of the Louisiana border southwest 366 miles to Mexico.

Carroll takes you through the many places which supports catching your limit. Baffin Bay to Seabrook flats, The Coastal Surf, the Laguna Madre and fishing from Padre Island to the Coupus Christi Bay. After reading, you will surely want to grab your rod and reel experiencing the Magic of fishing the Texas Coast. 

As the book closes, Carroll takes us through some thoughts and without ever speaking of positive motivation, he somehow covers the life experience, "you get what you ask for" warning to always make the best of everyday with a positive attitude. This simple to read book is enjoyable whether you fish or not.  I recommend it more for the enjoyable pleasure of good reading, but if you sincerely want to understand the tips, the tricks and where to go, the book is an absolute must.  Available through Amazon

"Fishing Magic - The Texas Coast"

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