Visiting Texas

Some things best represent Texas more than anything else. On my must see list starting at my number one choice is the Alamo. World over, everyone has heard the phase "Remember the Alamo" as Texas fought for her independence from Mexico. The building today is a monument to those who gave the greatest gift to freedom. We can also credit that the Mission which became the fort for these Texans was saved by the Daughters of the Texas Republic. In the 1930's, the city of San Antonio was thinking about leveling the old mission to the ground for downtown development. Had it not been for the Daughters of the Republic, we may have won victory for Texas freedom, but would have lost the greatest monument towards mans freedom.

Come view the Alamo

San Antonio also host the beautiful San Antonio River Walk which runs through the downtown sector of the city. Along the banks are numerous restaurants, night clubs, art galleries and shopping. River city Mall is also on the water front with tour boats running every 15 minutes providing a great history of San Antonio. Come enjoy the miles and miles of River that runs right through this beautiful city which was my hometown.

The city also has one of the nations best Zoo's just minutes from downtown.

Come view the Zoo

Tower of the Americans also known as Hemisphere Tower was built for the San Antonio World's Fair. It resembles the Space Needle of Seattle since the same contractor built both. Standing at 750 feet, the tower provides breath taking views of the scenic area as one peers to the horizons.

Photo: Jeri Edison Kramer
Tower of the Americas

 We visited the Buckhorn Saloon. This is a must place to have lunch while in San Antonio: